Cimini Research Group

Cimini Research Group (2019)

Research in the Cimini lab focuses on two major areas: (i) the role of mechanics and dynamics of mitotic apparatus components in ensuring accurate chromosome segregation during cell division; and (ii) the causes and consequences of aneuploidy (abnormal chromosome numbers) in normal and cancer cells.

The process of generating two cells from one—cell division—is essential to life. A key process in cell division is the equal partitioning of the replicated DNA into two daughter cells, a process known as mitosis. Understanding the mechanisms that regulate mitotic chromosome segregation is a key aspect of our understanding of how life is maintained and propagated. We use a combination of experimental and computational approaches to understand how the mechanics and dynamics of various mitotic apparatus components contribute to the accurate execution of mitosis.

Adaptor Proteins in Endosomal Protein Trafficking

Aneuploidy, the condition of a cell or organism possessing an incorrect chromosome number, is the leading cause of miscarriage in humans and a hallmark of cancer. Aneuploidy arises as a consequence of errors during cell division. Our research aims at identifying the cellular mechanisms that cause aneuploidy in both normal and cancer cells. Moreover, we are interested in understanding how aneuploidy affects cell function, with particular attention to cell division itself.

Lipid-binding Events in the Wnt Signaling Pathway

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Fluet, Kaylie

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Perez, Claudia

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